Official Description

LeaCoin (LEA) is a peer-to-peer global decentralized electronic currency that operates with no central authority and enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. It is based on Bitcoin protocol but differs from Bitcoin in that it provides faster transaction confirmations (2 minutes on average). LeaCoin is a pure PoW currency that utilizes the SHA-256 algorithm, with the average block target of just 30 seconds and difficulty adjustments performed every 2 blocks.

The complete premine of 10 million LEA is put aside for donation to the needy children all around the world.

The LeaCoin network is scheduled to produce 2 billion currency units, around 1 billion in the first 5 years and the rest in the next 45 years.


Straight From The Heart

“LeaCoin is a project dedicated to my youngest daughter, my little sweetie whose name youā€™ll probably never be able to guess.” šŸ˜‰

It emerged from my personal efforts to master the basic skills of cryptocurrency cloning, additional programming, bringingĀ up the mining pool and all the other littleĀ details needed for such currency to exist. It turns out the most difficult part for me is creating the decent web site to represent it all. OK, Iā€™ve learned it a long time ago - I lack the talent to create visually nice things (except kids, they are just perfect), but I hope this defiance can be adequately compensated by my “under the bonnet” technical skills.

Anyways, Lea was born, LeaCoin too, so there you have it. :)

I know there are many fathers in this world who feel the same about their daughters, fathers who would do anything to make their little darlings smile, to protect them from any harm and do all they can to make their lives a fairy tail. I take this opportunity to greetĀ them all and wish them much success!